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Beyond the ropes Adam Azim is a mild-mannered young man. But once the 20-year-old has laced on a pair of boxing gloves, he switches.

He fights with the kind of concentrated ferocity that has seen him win all four of his fights this year inside the distance.

“I’ve got that mindset to get in that ring, I’m always angry. When I get in that ring, I’m always angry,” Azim told Sky Sports.

Adam Azim has a ferocious mindset when he's in a contest
Adam Azim has a ferocious mindset when he’s in a contest

“It’s like a mode,” he continued. “I’m a nice guy outside the ring. When I get in that ring I’m really angry. There’s no stopping me. Once I’m in that zone, it’s hard to handle.

“There’s where my anger comes out and that’s where everything comes out, my boxing skills, IQ, everything.”

Next he boxes Rylan Charlton this Sunday at Alexandra Palace, on a show that begins at 3pm live on Sky Sports Main Event and Sky Sports Arena.

Charlton is a hard puncher too and a more experienced professional. He believes that Azim has taken this bout too soon in his career.

“But I know what I’m capable of. This is a challenge for me, this is not a step up for me,” Azim warned.

“He’s never fought a guy like me. He’s fought in the BOXXER Series, he’s fought those kind of fighters. Obviously they’re good fighters but they’re nothing like I am. I know for a fact that this is just another challenge. This is where it starts, my journey.

“He’s a proper fighter, he’s no joke. He’s a tough fighter and he’s determined to win,” Azim continued. “All my previous fights everyone was coming to win.

“This is nothing new for me. I know for a fact they’re just in my way. They’re trying to beat me, I’m trying to get my win.

“My talking, I do it in the ring.”

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There has been plenty of talk about Azim himself, though. He is young, he is still a prospect but already he will be headlining this Sunday afternoon show.

However, he insisted: “I’m not pressured at all. This comes with it. I’m excited to just get in the ring and fight. I’m ready. I’ve trained so hard. A lot of people don’t understand how hard I train.

“I’ve got the capability. I want it so badly I’ve always had it in my mindset when I was young. There are so many sacrifices I’ve made.

“I want it so much. I’ve been doing this since I was four and nothing can stop me. Because I’ve been working so hard to get to this point in my career and now I’ve got to progress.”

Listen to a bonus preview podcast here.

Watch Azim vs Charlton live from 3pm on Sky Sports Main Event or Sky Sports Arena this Sunday.


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