Apple hikes price to replace iPhone batteries by $20


Apple will charge customers an extra $20 to replace the battery on iPhones if the device is older than an iPhone 14, the technology giant said Wednesday.

Starting in March, anyone with an iPhone 13, 12, 11 or X will have to pay $89 for a new battery, while replacements for iPhone 8, 7, 6, 5 and SE devices will cost $69. Apple is also hiking the battery replacement price for the iPad by $20, the MacBook Air by $30 and the MacBook Pro by $50. 

These prices are for customers who don’t have AppleCare+, the insurance program the company offers for a price depending on the device and model year. 

The batteries on iPhone 14 models, which were released in 2022, are currently still under Apple’s default one-year warranty. The company said it will charge $99 to replace the battery on those devices after the warranty expires. 

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Here’s what customers will soon have to pay for battery replacements for their Apple devices.

  • iPad Air, Mini and Pro ($119)
  • MacBook Air ($159)
  • MacBook Pro ($249)

The prices cover a visit to an Apple store to have the battery replaced on site, or using Apple’s mail-in service. Customers can also buy and replace a battery themselves using Apple’s self-service repair program.

Apple’s batteries became the center of controversy five years ago when the company admitted it had purposely slowed down older iPhone models using a software update to offset problems with its aging lithium-ion battery. After the practice drew scrutiny from lawmakers, Apple apologized and then struck a $113 million settlement with more than a dozen states.


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