Big plans of top-seeded clubs to hire RB Leipzig Forward player Christopher Nkunku


As per the Mirror news reports, Liverpool plans for the Forward player of RB Leipzig Christopher Nkunku. In UEFA Champions League last week, Leipzig got a 2-0 win over Celtic. The -24-years-old is a target for Chelsea and Liverpool upon his splendid performance.

According to The Athletic’s David Ornstein, the Blues have already signed Nkunku to a provisional deal to join him next summer. They also reportedly agreed to pay more than €60 million for Leipzig’s release clause, which was included in the Frenchman’s contract, after Der Spiegel reports how it will play out next summer. It would be interesting to see with whom the player will play the next summer – Liverpool ya Chelsea?

Frenchman’s performance is tempting top clubs to get him in
The reason is certain for these clubs to follow the star, due to his fabulous performance in the last 16 matches with 10 goals and help for 1.

He continued to perform well last season, scoring 35 goals and 20 assists in 52 appearances. Due to Nkunku’s performance, Leipzig won his DFB cup and, in the Bundesliga, he finished 4th and reached the semi-finals of the UEFA Europa League.In total, the Frenchman has made 152 appearances in all competitions for the German side since joining Paris Saint-Germain in 2019. In these games, he scored 57 goals and provided 48 assists.

This performance has come up with Nkunku’s joining Leipzig last season, opening ways to add such frontline clubs like Liverpool ya Chelsea. Time will tell the truth of his matching with any of them as per their plan for him.



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