Brec Bassinger Reveals ‘Stargirl’ Shot Two Finales & Teases What Season 4 Could Have Been Like – Deadline

Brec Bassinger is opening up about the final season of DC’s Stargirl and revealed that there were two endings shot in case of cancellation. In addition, she talked about what Season 4 could have been like.

“Geoff [Johns] was so smart because obviously there’s been a lot of changes in the CW and the Warner Brothers this past year, so the future of any show was not quite certain and because of that, he went the extra mile and shot two different endings, because he did not want to leave the fans with all these question marks,” Bassinger said on the Wayne Ayers Podcast.

Bassinger said that the alternate ending was shot in mid-March of this year, two months before she knew the ultimate fate of the show’s cancellation.

The show’s star said that the finale has “a lot of beautiful closure” and teased the fourth season that has now been scrapped adding, “it will make people sad because the fourth-season idea was insane. Like, it would have been epic. And I actually believe that’s why it took so long for us to officially get the cancelation news, because Geoff came in with such a wonderful idea…. But it wasn’t meant to be.”

Created by Geoff Johns, Stargirl centers on high school student Courtney Whitmore, a character Johns started in 1999 and inspired by his sister who died in the explosion of TWA Flight 800 in 1996.

Stargirl will end after three seasons on The CW with the final episode airing on December 7. News of the cancellation of the show comes as Nexstar Media Group completed its acquisition of the broadcast network.

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