CES 2023 Unveiled: The Coolest Startups and Tech Demos on Day One


CES first started over 50 years ago and it has been one of the most influential electronics shows in the world ever since. CES Unveiled is where startups and big brands from all over the world come to show off their coolest innovations, ranging from home appliances to transportation solutions, connected health devices, and much more. Here are our picks of the most unique tech at CES Unveiled 2023.

HP Hearing Pro

First up, we have Hearing Pro from Nuheara, a startup whose tech has been licensed by HP. This is a pair of hearing aids that look more like true wireless Bluetooth earphones and even have HP logos on them. The company claims it has improved understanding of speech by 30 percent and these devices can be self-fitted and calibrated. This product comes equipped with active noise cancellation and multiple clinical tests have been performed to make sure it is safe to use for long periods of time. More importantly, it’s a fraction of the cost of traditional hearing aids, and can be sold in retail.

hp hearing pro ces2023 ndtv hp

The HP Hearing Pro hearing aid is aimed at those who feel stigma wearing a traditional hearing aid or have trouble getting one prescribed


German Bionic: Exoskeleton

This futuristic-looking exoskeleton is from the brand German Bionic. The company manufactures wearable technology and this is one of the products it showcased at the event. This exoskeleton aids in heavy lifting using machine power. It could be a revolutionary product for workers involved in labour-intensive jobs.

german bionic exoskeleton ces2023 ndtv german bionic exoskeleton

This wearable device helps improve the capabilities of the human body


Miraxess Mirabook and Miradock

With all the computational power that smartphones now have, startup Miraxess thinks it’s only logical to replace your old laptop and desktop with phone-powered terminals. The Mirabook and Miradock can connect to your smartphone, giving you a bigger screen, keyboard and trackpad or mouse, so you can use it as a full-fledged laptop or desktop. The Mirabook and Miradock work with certain Samsung, Huawei and Motorola phones, letting you be more productive and manage your data on one device.

miraxess ces2023 ndtv miraxess

If you already have one powerful device, you might not need to buy more


Motion Pillow

If snoring is a problem for you, it will also affect people around you. The company Motion Pillow has designed a unique product that uses sensors to prevent snoring and make sleep more comfortable. It uses a specifically designed algorithm and a pillow with multiple air pockets to reposition the head of its user by analysing snoring sounds and counteracting your sleeping position.

motion pillow ces2023 ndtv motion pillow

Give those around you a break with this pillow that claims to prevent you from snoring


Icoma Tatamel Bike

Last, we have a portable foldable bike from the Japanese company Icoma. This brand had launched a portable bike before, but the one showcased at the CES has an integrated screen on the side that can be used for advertising. The side panel is customisable so you can have any material or finish, not just a screen. The bike folds into a compact box for easy storage and it can be charged quickly at home.

icoma tatamel ces2023 ndtv icoma

This compact foldable bike could be useful for urban mobility, and the screen is a new twist


Do let us know what you think of these products, and if you would like to see them in India soon, in the comments section.

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