CTM to Bring 1000 Mile Consultant Network to N. America


Corporate Travel Management is expanding operations of Australia-based 1000 Mile Travel Group, its host agency business, into the U.S., the travel management company announced.

CTM acquired 1000 Mile Travel Group, which is a network of independent travel advisors focused on small and midsize business, in July and indicated at that time they planned expansion to North America. CTM founder and managing director Jamie Pherous said the unmanaged SME market is seeing “unprecedented demand” for travel management services.

“Small businesses are finding increased value in the expertise, support and negotiated deals available through CTM’s managed travel programs,” Pherous said in a statement. “However, they require a unique style of servicing and engagement due to their more flexible operational and support needs. The independent corporate travel advisor fits those needs perfectly.”

As part of the expansion, 1000 Mile Travel Group founders and co-CEOs Nicola Veltman and Ben Ross relocated to Denver to help establish the brand in North America. CTM also is integrating its leisure host agency, MTravel, into 1000 Mile Travel Group, through which the group will be able “to leverage our combined resources, expertise, tools and infrastructure for the benefits of both travel specializations, whether corporate or leisure,” according to Veltman.

Additionally, CTM is expanding 1000 Mile’s operations in the U.K., the TMC said.


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