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We would love to achieve vibrant, healthy, glowing skin. Nobody’s skin is perfect, but the right products can help you achieve your skincare goals. We know celebs have access to and the ability to afford consistent skincare treatments and facials, as well as stock up on expensive products with ease.

The average person doesn’t have quite the extensive skincare budget, but every so often our fave celebs drop their favorite affordable gems. That’s exactly what Hailey Bieber did when she spilled one of her skincare secrets. 

The stunning celeb and beauty guru revealed that the Eau Thermale Avène Cicalfate+ Restorative Protective Cream is one of her favorite products. Hailey cites this popular cream as being one of the products that help with healing irritated and inflamed skin (check out the TikTok for the full skincare lineup). 

This cream is the final step in her skincare routine and has an affordable price tag, ringing up to under $30 – a small price to pay for a much-needed skincare essential. 

A white bottle of restorative cream.

Use this microbiome-friendly cream to calm and hydrate your skin. It’s best used at the end of your morning and nightly skincare routine. Just apply it to clean, dry skin, and watch it rejuvenate up to four times faster.

This cream is clinically proven to restore the skin’s microbiome, which creates a natural balance that’s essential for healthy skin. The rich cream nourishes the skin and protects it from icky external aggressors that can cause inflammation, blemishes or worse. It helps maintain hydration (not an excuse to skimp on your water intake goal) for optimal skin restoration.

Use this cream for the whole family. It’s been tested and proven safe for infants, children and adults, so the whole family can have healthy skin from the youngest to the oldest.

This product is great for even the most sensitive skin. The brand has been used for wound care, razor burn, sunburn and post-procedure. You can use this product daily no matter what skincare issues may arise.

Pro-tip: This product is heat-sensitive. When exposed to temperatures below 32˚F, separation may occur. No biggie though, the separation neither compromises the effectiveness of the product.

One shopper raved about the product, calling it “fabulous,” and gave a great tip for solving separation: “(…) simply soak the tube in some fairly warm water for about 10 minutes. That will soften up the paste that has separated from the water (…) Then, remove the tube from the warm water bath and shake it vigorously.” 

Address your skincare concerns and achieve restored and radiant skin by snagging this Eau Thermale Avène Cicalfate+ Restorative Protective Cream. Get glowing skin like Hailey Bieber without breaking the bank. This under $30 cream is the secret step to healthy skin.

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