Kevin McCarthy’s Ongoing Failed Speaker Bid Mocked By Jon Stewart & Julia Louis-Dreyfus – Deadline


It was just a matter of time, wasn’t it?

Already a laughingstock after six failed ballots to elect a Speaker, the chaos on Capitol Hill this week has now attracted some heavyweight satirists and mockery.

After hours and hours of agog talking heads on cable news, Jon Stewart and Julia Louis-Dreyfus both took to social media today to rip warring Republicans and the seemingly increasing embarrassing and never-ending bid by GOP House leader Kevin McCarthy to seize the gavel of the House of Representatives.

In the now ajourned Day 2 of wall-to-wall and vote-to-vote coverage on CNN, MSNBC, and Fox News, the former Daily Show host paid a tongue firmly in cheek tribute to DC’s own cable network earlier Wednesday:

As votes appear to be shifting and deals are being cut late Wednesday to snare the necessary 2018 votes McCarthy needs to achieve his lifelong Speakership goal, Louis-Dreyfus put her own spin on the haywire situation. In that vein, the multiple Emmy winner and past fictional Vice President and President of the United State weaved stranger fact and fable together to put the real-life MAGA chaos in the context of the once almost unimaginable lampooning of the acclaimed Veep:

Of course, Stewart and Louis-Dreyfus’s POV on the process comes after Democrats have been deriding their GOP colleagues on the other side of the aisle for nearly two days. As Dems House leader Hakeem Jeffries consistently won the most votes for Speaker on the ballots, even with the Republicans holding a thin majority in the House overall, Representatives like LA’s Ted Lieu made it clear they were going to enjoy the clown show:

Rep Lieu’s colleague from Arizona’s 7th Congressional District jumped on the popcorn bandwagon also yesterday:

In a nominating speech on the floor of the House for McCarthy today, Rep. Kat Cammack (R-Fla.) tried to caution her own party in a swipe at the raucous Democrats for enjoying the bloodletting among Republicans with “the popcorn and blankets and alcohol and blankets that is coming over there.”

All of which was further material for Stewart:

Undoubtedly, with overnight arm-twisting and a seventh ballot starting at 9 AM PT on January 5, there will be more to come — funny or not.

As Rep, Lieu emphasized after the last ballot today, this fiasco may seem humorous but there are some very real-world consequences as well:


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