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The US-based company will reportedly make more rocket launchers to be sent to Kiev

Lockheed Martin will ramp up production of M142 HIMARS multiple rocket launchers as the US promised to send more weapons to Ukraine amid the conflict with Russia, Politico reported on Tuesday, citing CEO Jim Taiclet’s call with investors.

According to the report, Taiclet said the company plans to increase production from 60 per year to 96. The move comes after Ukraine, Poland and Estonia ordered dozens of the launchers, Politico said.

Taiclet added that Lockheed Martin is also considering expanding its plant in Camden, Arkansas.

“We’re cross-training our skilled workforce across a bunch of product lines” as demand grows for HIMARS or the M270 Guided Multiple Launch Rocket System (MLRS), he said.

HIMARS is among the most advanced weapons the US has supplied Ukraine to date. The system allows to carry out high-precision strikes on targets such as bridges and ammunition depots behind enemy lines.

Washington has so far delivered 20 to Kiev, Politico noted. The US said this month that four new HIMARS are part of the latest $625 million military aid package.

Mikhail Podoliak, the head of Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky’s office, said in August that a shipment of 50 HIMARS “would completely change the course of this war.”

Russia has repeatedly argued that the delivery of HIMARS and other Western weapons to Ukraine only leads to an escalation of the conflict.

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