SF Studios Acquires Johan Rundberg’s ‘Moonwind & Hoff’ Series — Global Briefs  – Deadline

SF Studios Acquires Johan Rundberg’s ‘Moonwind & Hoff’ Book Series
SF Studios has acquired the film rights to Johan Rundberg’s book series Moonwind & Hoff. The series includes the novels The Night Raven, The Queen of Thieves, The Angel of Death, and The Blood Pact. The Night Raven is the first novel that will be adapted, produced, and distributed by SF Studios. The film is expected to start shooting at the beginning of 2024 with a theatrical release in 2025. Stefan H. Lindén and Alexandra Thönnersten, producers at SF Studios, said: “The Night Raven and the entire series about Moonwind & Hoff are exactly in the realm of magical realism that we both dreamed of producing. In many ways, both the world and the characters feel inspiring and exciting. We want to create a grand series of films that can enthrall cinema audiences.”

Marrakech Unveils Line-Up For Atlas Workshops Project Platform
The Marrakech International Film Festival has unveiled the line-up for the 5th edition of its Atlas Workshops industry event. The meeting, running November 14-17 within the framework of the festival, will showcase 33 projects by emerging Moroccan, Arab and African filmmakers at various stages of production. Highlights include first feature Whale Belly by Egyptian director Sameh Alaa, who won Cannes Palme d’Or for short film I Am Afraid To Forget Your Face in 2020; documentary Bye Bye Tiberius, the second feature of Palestinian-French-Algerian director Lina Soualem, and Le Soleil Des Autres, a hybrid work by rising Moroccan filmmaker Asmae El Moudir. Feature films previously showcased at the platform include British-Moroccan filmmaker Fyzal Boulifa’s The Damned Don’t Cry, which debuted in Venice and has just played in London, and Tunisian Oscar entry and Directors Fortnight breakout Under the Fig Trees by Erige Sehiri.

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